New Product Success Stories

Below is a sample of our new product development success stories to give you a small taste of our range of capabilities and type of outcomes we can deliver for you.

V-GEL: A Life Saver

1 in 14 pet Rabbits died because it's was extremely hard to safely & securely administer anesthesia to them. V-GEL is a fantastic product that overcomes this dire problem. It's a patented simple-looking disruptive innovation that punches well-above its weight to saves lives & keeps veterinarians & pet owners very happy.

Watch this great brand-building promo & how-to use video created by us. 

The Tube-holder is our creation too).

Award-winning Anaesthesia Device for Cats.

1 in 73 pet cats die because of anaesthesia related problems. V-GEL for cats was created to overcome this & brings it to similar risk levels as per for humans. Like V-GEL for rabbits, Peter Jassell created this revolutionary product from concept to market to brand design & development, including this video.

Check out this video & note the lubricant products are also Peter's creations including branding.

i-gel: Laryngeal Masks

Designed & developed from concept to product launch an exciting new range of very successful innovative laryngeal airway devices used for resuscitation & anesthesia. This included the design & management of clinical trials, the development of supersoft materials, & also created a unique injection molding tool design that automatically removes complex shapes from the mold.

Watch the video to learn more to see what was involved to get this product right.

Nebulised Humidification Device

A combined adjustable oxygen concentration therapy & patient humidification product.  It was designed be very quiet to cut out environmental noise so not disturb patients. It also has has a tamperproof feature to prevent giving the patient the wrong level of oxygen concentration.

Tracheotomy Humidification

Non-Invasive Ventilation Eco-friendly Masks

Non-Invasive Ventilation Eco-friendly Masks

new product development

Non-Invasive Ventilation Eco-friendly Masks

Non-Invasive Ventilation Eco-friendly Masks

Non-Invasive Ventilation Eco-friendly Masks

medical device design & development

Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers

Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers

Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers


Carbon Dioxide Scrubber

Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers

Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers


Drug Delivery Nebulisers

Redesigned delivered to market an improved bronchial & lung drug therapy medical device that has an improved particle size distribution curve for improved patient treatment & reduced production costs by 40%.

Eco-friendly Anaesthetic Facemasks

Created low-cost Eco-friendly anesthesia face masks from concept to product launch. Delivering easy to use anatomically correct seals that reduced the traditional 7 sizes for all patient sizes to needing only 4 sizes, therefore reduced inventory costs for the firm & customers. Project resulted in improved business profitability & more satisfied customers. 

Guedel Airway Medical Devices

Transformed commodity emergency airway devices into a patented higher value set of items that reduced manufacturing costs by up to 70%. Watch the video to learn more what was accomplished.

Eco-friendly Oxygen & Drug Therapy Face Masks

Adjustable O2 Therapy Device

Tracheotomy Heat & Moisture Exchange Device

Anaesthesia CO2 Gas Absorbent Products

Non-Invasive Ventilation Face Masks