Success Stories

Below are some examples of our past veterinary and medical device design work.


The i-gel supraglottic airway medical device was designed and developed to give a safer, easier  and less traumatic patient airway in humans. Significant materials and manufacturing technology development was done and  controlled clinical trials were carried to validate the product as safe and functionally correct for use. 7 versions were created for different patient sizes. A total product development solution from start to end was given that has led to continued worldwide sales growth.

Watch the Eco-friendly Face Mask Video. Designed for low cost manufacture with end solution resulting in creating significant cost reductions and becoming a better ergonomic design requiring 4 instead of 7 sizes for lower inventory handling needs and deliver an Eco-friendly branded product.


Innovative one-piece Guedel airway medical device used for getting and maintaining an emergency clear airway in a patient. We reduced manufacturing costs by up to 70% and made the tip from a soft in-built material to give reduce trauma to a patient's airway. We also reduced risks of dental damage in event of patient bites down hard through material technology design. The product is patent protected and has distinctive look and feel to boost the client's brand value status.


Product design and development to of patient ventilation heated humidification devices. Project included design and implementation, and quality validation of all manufacturing tooling, assembly, testing and packaging equipment and production systems.


A Nebuliser is a medical device that converts liquid drugs under high pressure  into small particles for a deep deposition into a patient's airway and lungs. The better the average distributed particle size the better the chance the drug will reach the anatomical areas for effective treatment. 

This project was to redesign a much improved product with significantly reduced in manufacturing costs.  These objectives were both achieved giving the company an upgraded product that is more competitive.


These masks are high volume commodity medical products. They are typically made from clear soft PVC materials and need for manual assembly. The brief was to design a better mask that overcome the cost issues. We achieved that using thin wall design with non-PVC Eco-friendly materials and fast cycling tools. The mask is also a far better ergonomic fit. The result is new branded product to boost sales and profits.


Tracheotomy heat and moisture exchange devices are used  to keep a patient's lungs humidified when breathing through the humidifying nose has to be by-passed for medical reasons. Oxygen therapy is sometimes needed with such devices. The brief was to develop a better and more compact device for use with or without oxygen therapy and to make sure the delivery of oxygen was not traumatic to the tissues and obstructive to a patient. The brief was met in full and to budget.


The Silente Adjustable Venturi medical device was created to replace an existing product because it was too noisy and difficult to make resulting in hard to compete. Our solution was to create the most  accurate and quietest adjustable venture device for patient oxygen. Production costs were slashed as well resulting in the company being able to be more competitive on both price and features. 


CO2 absorbents are used in anaesthesia to scrub out  a patient's expired CO2 and recycle unused gases to save money and stop environmental pollution.  The brief was to develop disposable canisters to fit various anaesthetic machines and to optimise gas flow through them to maximise the efficient use of the absorbent material and get the beneficial exothermic reactions to keep patient lungs warm and humidified.


Some people need to be ventilated on a less invasive manner  when they are awake or when sleeping in cases of sleep apnea.  The brief was design and develop a better version of this product for inclusion in the product portfolio to increase sales and brand profile. The solution was a better design for patient fit and ease of use that was also made from Eco-friendly materials.  


See the complete video to see the many different medical products created and led by our Managing Director Surinderjit Jassell. All of these are much more are generating strong sales and profits for the company on a global basis. 

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