Service Design

What we do

Service Design helps businesses to have innovative services that will boost their brand reputation, competitive strength and  sales growth. Our Service Design specialises in supporting the efficient diffusion of innovative new products within new and existing markets. We also create new and rejuvenated innovative design solutions for service industries to boost business performance results. With our software capabilities we will produce digital based services as well as physical and hybrid for clients.

Our Approach

We apply advance creativity and design thinking with diverse engineering, business and financial know how to identify all the facets of a good service design and combine them in special ways to produce a service that will be highly appealing to the human customer experience whilst also eliminates unacceptable risks and costs.

Our Service Design process encompasses four stages. These are: 


Research & Development 

We work with clients to come up with new or improved service design ideas that will deliver strong strategic value. Quantitative and qualitative research is carried out and the more promising design concepts are developed and tested on numerous fronts. The outcome of this stage is a multi-faceted feasibility study that verifies a service design is suitable to proceed to the next stage of design process.

Service Design and Development

Here we will take the chosen concept service design and proceed to fully design and develop it into a fully practical proposition. We overcome risk factors. We keep on identifying risks to eradicate them and we ensure the solution will fulfil all agreed functional, cost and aesthetic cost criteria when it is fully built.

Building the Service

Here we will get the physical or digital service built. We will ensure it is built to specifications and we will carry testing and validation to make sure it is fit for purpose and release. 

Implementing the Service

We will work closely with our client to be fully trained on how to efficiently operate the new or improved service and ensure all aspects are smoothly transferred to full operational mode and give support needed to launch the service to market and any further post launch support.


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