Medical Device & Consumer Product Design and Development.

Product Design and Development

We provide a comprehensive range of professional one-stop engineering product design and development and industrial design consulting services for the creation of innovative new products from idea to market creation. These are embodied within the following 3 major categories:

New Product Development

Design Implementation

Market Creation

New Product Development

Product Strategy Development

Product Strategy Consulting

 We help clients to identify future building new product ideas. We will also carry out a first level technical, macro and market research program to verify which ideas to pursue to advance their business development and growth. We also support clients to evaluate and build a more robust  new product pipeline portfolio.

Research and Development

Engineering Technology and Product R&D Services.

We provide all varieties of hardware and software engineering and technology development, materials development and prototyping capabilities to establish the technical feasibility of a new product idea. We also carry out a 2nd level research program to fine tune and verify the grounds for attaining commercial success.

Design and Development

Engineering Product Design and Development & Industrial Design Consultancy.

Our team of industrial designers, and mechanical,electronic and software engineers will work with our strategists, cost accountants, manufacturing and quality engineers, and brand specialists to take an approved idea from R&D into becoming a fully engineered, elegant, ergonomically correct, protected, tested and risk managed new product ready for manufacturing, validation and brand development phases.

Design Implementation

Manufacturing Development

New Product Manufacturing Consulting

We will optimise the product design so it will yield an efficient, reliable and low cost manufacturing solution for the new product. We will source and establish world-class supply chains and we will design and implement lean manufacturing systems and technologies for small batch to fully automated high volume production needs.

Quality Management

Product Development: Quality Management & Regulatory Affairs services.

 Our quality professionals will ensure all quality and risks matters are properly identified and managed so the new product and manufacturing capability will be safe, efficient and reliable in use. We also ensure all relevant quality standards and regulatory requirements are met to enable commercial sale.  

Intellectual Property Management

Patents and Trademark service.

 We will create and identify areas of novelty that is worth protecting and we will eliminate any potential infringement risks. We will manage all aspects of getting the right type of intellectual property protection and support clients in ascertaining best value licensing arrangements.

Market Creation

Brand Development

Brand Development services for Innovative new technologies and products.

Our brand experts will ensure the new product is fit for customer's needs and gets properly branded and develops all the essential brand building ingredients to pull customers to it and enable strong sales growth to happen. 

Service Design

Service Design consulting

Innovative new products supported by a high quality service system have a greater chance of building a strong product and business brand reputation and sales growth. We offer Service Design so clients can upgrade existing service systems or create a brand new one to pave the way for innovation commercial success..

Go to Market

Go To Market Consulting for Innovation

First impressions count for a lot when you go to market with an innovative new product. It sets the mindset about the product and the business. To achieve a positive mindset from the go we will develop and assemble all of the right ingredients to be place and to get your innovative new product successfully launched to market


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