Technology Development

We are proud to be partnered with EnCata whose vision and capabilities are closely aligned with our own. This partnership gives clients access to a wider range of outstanding one-stop resources and capabilities to create and market innovative new technologies, products and services. Our partnership with EnCata increases the capacity we have to undertake more volume and complexity of projects from clients in the UK and around the world without compromising project management and control.

Having a high quality one-stop solution for clients means it reduces many complexities and losses that arise from having excessive co-ordination and communication issues to create and market an innovative new technology, product or service. This translates into having reductions in project risks, costs and time to market without compromising the quality of outcomes. 

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Neustar Venture

Business and Management Consulting

Neustar Venture is a sister company of Design Tower Ltd that specialises in Financial, Business and Management Consulting services for clients engaged in creating or wanting to create and sell innovative new technologies, products and services. 

Neustar Venture provides a wide range of services that are categorised into Strategy Consulting, Management Consulting, Financial Consulting and Innovation Consulting. This gives our clients access to a much broader range of one-stop top quality consulting services to help start-up develop and grow their innovation focused business.

Neustar Venture is registered as a member in practice firm with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, therefore we can give our clients regulated financial and accountancy services.   

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