New Product Development Services

  Design Tower can provide a complete range of new product development services to help you create and bring the right product to market. Our product design and development services can also give top advise and support you in creating product brand extensions and product performance, manufacturing, and quality improvements to increase your competitive advantage and overcome any business product weaknesses and threats.

We have expertise in industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, product software development, product manufacturing, product brand design and brand marketing, quality testing and management, and regulatory compliance. See below for more details.

Product Design and Development Services

Design Tower: Product Market Research Service

Product Marketing Research

Our in-house product marketing and brand specialist can give you valuable marketing research and advice to define who and where the target customers are for your new product, the market size, what is needed to get customers to buy, what the macro environment and competitive challenges and opportunities are and how to reach those customers.

Design Tower: 'Proof-of-Concept' Product Development Service


Our industrial designers and product engineers can help you develop, improve, and prove the functional, manufacturing, cost, and quality viability of your new product ides so you can clearly demonstrate to key decision-makers you have a technically viable new product idea.

Design Tower: Product Prototype & Presentation Service

Prototype & Presentation

We can produce for you the prototypes, software simulations, cost and investment models, conceptual visual images, and technical data you need to present your idea to key decision-makers to get approval for key resources and capabilities to advance the project forward within an established company, your own business startup or for a licensing arrangement.

Design Tower: Design for Manufacture Service

Design for Manufacture

 We will optimise the product’s functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics, and design for manufacture needs. We will also work with you to do Design Reviews, FMEA, and Risk Management to ensure product safety and reliability in use and meets all the agreed design brief requirements. From this stage we can produce for you 3D CAD models, engineering drawings, visualisations, verification and validation documentation, packaging design, costings, manufacturing specifications, and capital expenditure requirements. 

Design Tower: Intellectual Property Protection Service.

Protecting your Idea

Design Tower can help you get your idea protected with a provisional patent, registered design, trademark, and or copyright for protection of a trade secret. We can do the intellectual properly searches, overcome any infringement risks, and help you produce drawings and documentation, and advise you on what is the right level of protection for your type of product and industry so that you do not overspend on this but get enough protection to safeguard your future profits and increase your bargaining power for funding, licensing and selling the product at the right price.

Design Tower: Product Manufacturing Consulting

Product Manufacturing

When it comes to identifying the best way to manufacture your new product to the right quality, cost and reliability of supply and support, Design Tower’s in-house manufacturing and supply chain expert can give you the professional advice and hands-on support you need. We have successfully designed and implemented hundreds of new manufacturing and supply chain systems and technologies into full production, which includes pilot to high volume and highly automated production systems, therefore you are in safe hands with Design Tower to get your product made correctly. In addition, we have the capabilities to get your finished goods shipped from anywhere in the world to your warehouse and or distribution outlets reliably and to the right cost.

Design Tower: Product Verification & Validation Service

Verification & Validation

We can help you to design and build the right test methods, test, and statistically prove and validate your new or improved product and manufacturing capability works reliably, safely, and as intended. We can also help you produce all necessary quality and regulatory documentation so you can make the official submissions to get the approvals to sell your product in a country or geographic region such as the EU, USA and Far East countries.

Design Tower: Brand Design

Product Brand Design

Design Tower’s brand specialist and graphic design capability can advise on and create your product’s branding identity and communications materials which include product logo design, brand name, user and promotional videos and images, website, exhibition materials, and packaging design. We can also support you with advertising, social media content, and building your product’s credibility and reputation to help spread the word to your target customers and build your product’s brand value. 

Design Tower: Product Launch Service

Product Launch

There are many factors to consider and get right in launching your new product to market. Amongst these is to correctly choose where and when to launch and what materials do you need to have in place to make the right first impression and persuade your prospective target customers you have a product they need and is superior than the alternatives, and therefore they should buy and potentially endorse it to others. Design Tower has helped launch many new products to global markets therefore we know how to help you with this so you don’t have to second guess what is needed to get this right, and especially so when that product is very unique and novel proposition to customers. We can not only give you advise on what to do, we can also provide you with the visual and content marketing materials.


Design Tower develops sound, elegant, practical, no-nonsense products and clearly know from experience how to get new products successfully from concept to market. If you have a potential product you want to see the light of day, Design Tower should be your product design company of choice”.

Dr Ian Coates, Patent Attorney (UK)

I found Peter Jassell founder of Design Tower to be honest and genuine in his interactions with end-users that inspires trust. Peter also followed through on what he said he would do and encouraged honesty in those providing feedback about the products he is designing. Peter’s ability to properly and fully understand an end customer’s needs are, meets them, which something that is clearly second nature to him.

Dr Lois Wetmore

Professor of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Massachusetts, USA.

I have found Peter Jassell of Design Tower possesses the all-round creativity, craftsmanship and technical ingenuity with a strong business sense to help a company create and bring to market innovative products that always sell very well in global markets. Peter’s leadership approach is joyful, intense and challenging of others which comes from how seriously he takes in making sure the products he creates do their best to save lives.

Danius Ciuplys

Director of Lithuanian International Airports, Lithuania

Completed Projects

Award Winning Veterinary Product

Award Winning Veterinary Product

Award Winning Veterinary Product

Veterinary Product Design and Development

 Providing easy fast and no trauma airway for felines. A patented market disruption product. 

Oxygen Filter Masks

Award Winning Veterinary Product

Award Winning Veterinary Product

medical device design

Patented respiratory Oxygen Masks for patients with a highly efficient bacterial and viral filter to protect front-line healthcare workers. Made from eco-friendly materials for prtection ofenvironment as well.

Ventilator Water Traps

Award Winning Veterinary Product

Ventilator Water Traps

medical device design consultancy

A patented medical that safely collect water from cooled humidified air in a ventilator breathing tube system without causing loss of ventilation. Successsfully redesigned to be better and reduce costs by four fold.

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