Medical Device & Consumer Product Design and Development.

New Product Development

 Our new product design and development competence is founded on being able to do any part or everything necessary to create a successful new or improved product from product definition to creating new markets. Details of what we can do are set out under the headings of New Product Development, Implementation and Market Creation. 

Product Development

Product Strategy

Product Strategy Consulting

We help clients with their strategy on identifying and evaluating what new and better products to produce and market to advance business interests and make a positive impact to people's lives. 


Engineering Technology and Product R&D Services.

We will create product concepts and carry out a comprehensive technical, consumer and commercial feasilbilty study to get to a solution to progress to detailed design and development work and launch.

Product Design and Development

Engineering Product Design and Development & Industrial Design Consultancy.

Our engineers, scientists, industrial designers, brand developers and innovation management team can advance a feasible product idea from the R&D stage and get the design optimized for purpose, safety and effective manufacturing.


Manufacturing Development

New Product Manufacturing Consulting

We can develop and bring into operation pilot and large scale manufacturing capabilities to make the new or improved products. We also help clients to find and set-up supply chains to make their new products.

Quality Management

Product Development: Quality Management & Regulatory Affairs services.

We will identify and mitigate the risks of failure. We will design experiments that are safe and ethical to verify and validate products and manufacturing. We will ensure compliance with quality standards and regulatory requirements and can obtain CE and FDA approvals.

Intellectual Property Management

Patents and Trademark service.

We can get a novel product idea properly protected and overcome any objections or infringement risks. We can manage all aspects of IP  and support clients on getting the best licensing deals

Market Creation

Brand Development

Brand Development services for Innovative new technologies and products.

We will create a strong product brand to form new markets and expand existing ones. We can create the right brand identity and build both consumer and authority trust and confidence in it to move it quickly into becoming a mainstream item of purchase and use. 

Service Design

Service Design consulting

Fantastic products sell better with a fantastic service; therefore, we offer clients Service Design to make this happen. We design, develop and implement a service for clients in the same way we create a new product to achieve meaningful goals.

Go to Market

Go To Market Consulting for Innovation

We can help clients make a first great and lasting impression with their innovative new product when they launch it in any marketplace around the world.


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