Innovation Strategy

A strong innovation strategy is the definitive way to produce high value for both customers and businesses. Innovation boosts competitive advantage and financial performance results, and it also future proofs a business. 

Research shows most businesses are not successful with innovation, thereby making it a very high-risk business activity. High innovation failure rates can cause businesses to develop a risk averse culture which results in the business to produce mediocre products that fail to create value. 

We offer clients an Innovation Strategy consulting service that is designed to help businesses to build strong creativity and innovation capabilities so they can become both strong at producing innovation and getting their innovations to become commercial successes.

Our Approach

Through decades of extensive research and practice we have developed our own innovation strategy model. This is what we use to help our clients develop and implement an innovation strategy that will turbo-charge their business to become more successful at producing commercially successful innovative new technologies, products and services. This model is shown below and key thing to note is the innovation strategy is developed in relation with other  key factors. To find out more about this and how we can help your business contact us today.


Design Tower's Total Innovation Strategy Model

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