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One of five major reasons why new products launched to market fail is because of a poorly developed and executed product launch. A professionally designed and implemented go to market plan will significantly reduce this problem. A go to market strategy is a specialist domain within marketing strategy and a marketing strategy feeds from a brand strategy. Getting all three are key to achieve a successful diffusion of innovation, which is fundamentally about getting innovative new products quickly accepted and purchased by the majority population of target customers.  

A go to market strategy sets out pathways on how to successfully launch an innovative new product into domestic and different types of international markets. It ensures all the essential ingredients are in place to create efficiency in influencing customers to like, buy and endorse a new product to others. We help businesses to develop and implement strong go to market and diffusion of innovation strategies for both incremental and disruptive innovative new products. We also provide problem-solving solutions to fix failed products launches and get the business back on track with their innovative new product. With an over 90% success rate our clients can be assured the chances of innovation commercial success will be greatly increased with us helping them.

Our Approach

We focus on getting customers to easily understand and use the innovative new product so they will quickly come to like it. We also focus on eliminating customer risks to so a strong degree of trust and confidence can be developed in both the new product and the business that is making and supplying it. We achieve this by working across organisational functions and supply chains to plan and ensure all the right components of a successful go to market strategy are in put place and working in synergy, which goes onto become the foundation for a strong diffusion of innovation campaign.

What we do

Our go to market strategy includes:

  • Identify and leverages forces that will encourage customers to buy.
  • Produce solutions to overcome identified risk and barriers to buy.
  • Identify key product launch pads in domestic and global markets.
  • Identifying and build the best sales channels for the new product.
  • Build and use strong product credibility and influencing factors.
  • Building a strong appealing brand identity.
  • Build strong communication materials and channels.
  • Design and build a strong new product customer service system.
  • Develop the right product pricing strategy.
  • Ensure manufacturing and product quality is correct for market.
  • Plan and deliver international and domestic product launches
  • Create and deliver strong PR.

Contact us today if you want to achieve a successful new product launch that sets the ball in motion for long term commercial success.


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