Brand Strategy

Product Brands are very important assets of a business. They define what an organisation is about and what it believes in. This causes a greater number of target customers to like it and what it has to offer, which enables high volume of sales and greater customer loyalty to happen. Strong product brands also help to attract good quality stakeholders to the business that will stay and help it to develop and grow. Furthermore, good products that become strong brands tend to have a significant role in what a company’s valuation will be upon a sale or help obtain business finance. 

The above outlines the logic for why current good product brands must be protected and new ones are correctly identified, developed and built. A Brand Strategy plays an important role is making this happen. Our team of product brand strategy experts help companies to identify what new and improvement product brands the business should develop and bring to market to boost the business’s reputation, competitive strength, revenues and profits. Having developed a brand strategy, we can also help our clients to implement it with our range of design and marketing services.

Our Approach

To develop the right brand strategy and portfolio we will carry out a comprehensive macro, industry, market and business analysis and evaluation. We will examine the current product brand portfolio for the value they add to the business. We will then identify strategic gaps and opportunities to address by improving and or creating certain new products. We will also advise clients on which existing products that are harming or not adding value to the overall business and therefore should be retired and replaced. In addition, we will identify what existing products with the right brand development approach could become strong brands. 

Our brand strategy will advise clients on what type of pathways to follow that will enable existing and new products to become strong product brands. In addition, we can then work with our clients to successfully implement and deliver the brand strategy with our product design, service design, brand design and go to market strategy services.


  • Greater competitive advantage, revenues and profit margins.
  • A higher business reputation and valuation.
  •  More efficient use of business resources and capabilities.
  • Future proof the business.
  • Attract, motivate and retain higher quality employees and other stakeholders to support the business.
  • Efficient use of financial capital for investment 


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