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We specialise in developing brands for innovative new technologies and products. Our range of brand development services are: Brand Strategy, Go-To-Market Strategy, Service Design, and Brand Design and Brand Marketing. Click on the links or contact us today to find out more.

Brand Development Services for engineered innovative technologies and products.
Brand Development Services for engineered innovative technologies and products.

Brand Strategy

Technology and product brands are one of the most important assets in a business. Brands make a business stand out from the crowd by exemplifying what it stands for and believes in. This becomes the cornerstone of attracting and pulling in target customers and other stakeholders to it and help generate sustainable competitive advantage and successful financial and non-financial business performance results.

A Brand Strategy is a viral tool to help get the brands right for the business. It helps to identify the right new and improved innovative technologies, products and processes to invest in and in which order to keep on boosting business brand value and results. It also provides the governance of what type of marketing and sales strategy and tactics should be employed by the firm.

Design Tower’s brand strategists will support clients to research and develop the right brand strategy to take the business forward in the right direction. Furthermore, we can provide all the necessary R&D, product development and brand design and brand marketing capabilities to effectively and efficiently execute the brand strategy to deliver commercial success with a positive impact to a wide range of key stakeholders. 

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Brand Strategy Consulting.
Brand Strategy Consulting.

Go To Market Strategy

Another vital step to achieving commercial success with innovative new technologies and products is to develop and timely execute a robust Go to Market Strategy.

Done properly it is much more than a product launch. It involves building and bringing to surface all the essential ingredients about what the brand is about, its credentials, and what it gives to customers and consumers. It is the strategy that triggers the process of pulling in many target customers to buy and other key stakeholders to support the innovation and business.

Design Tower offers clients its 30 years of experience and expertise in successfully developing and executing Go to Market Strategies for many innovations that have gone onto becoming global commercial successes resulting in boosting business competitive strength and brand value. 

We will help clients build trust and confidence in the innovation from the go to enable a strong diffusion of innovation in target markets. Undue risks and costs will be averted, and ideal pricing, sales channels and partnerships will be found and leveraged to produce strong financial returns. Furthermore, we can also help clients needing a reset and support to fix  a failing adoption of innovation.

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Go to Market Strategy Consulting.
Go to Market Strategy Consulting.

Service Design

A good Service Design helps boost a business’s chances of achieving commercial success with an innovative technology and product. Our Service designers specialise in creating completely new, augmented and rejuvenated service design solutions to better sell and service customers of innovative new technologies and products. We have a broad spectrum of key resources and capabilities to design, build, test and roll out bespoke physical, digital and hybrid services for our clients to put them in an ideal position to build a stronger brand and sales.

Our approach to Service Design encompasses the combined application of advance creativity and design thinking with a diverse range of engineering, business and financial know how. Bringing these together under one roof we will produce a service solution that will deliver an appealing customer experience whilst also eliminates unacceptable risks, customer pains and costs. Our Service Design process encompasses the following stages: 

Service Research & Development 

Quantitative and qualitative research is carried out and service design ideas are generated. Each idea is evaluated and tested on numerous fronts and concept iterations are made where required. The outcome of this stage is a multi-faceted feasibility study that verifies a service design concept idea is fit for purpose and suitable for further investment and development.

Service Design and Development

The chosen concept service design is developed and detailed. Simulations, prototyping, testing and regular reviews are carried out to eliminate many types of risks and to optimise the design.  and proceed to fully design and develop it into a fully practical proposition. The outcome if this stage is a fully detailed solution ready for full build, test and roll out.

Building the Service

We will get the physical and or digital service built, tested and validated and make sure it meets all agreed design and marketing criteria. 

Implementing the Service

We will work closely with clients to implement the new service design at the least possible disruption to any existing operations. We will ensure the transition from design to operation will be smoothly transferred and ensure to give any post implementation support. 

Service Design
Service Design

Brand Design & Brand Marketing

Our Brand Design service also encompasses Brand Marketing, and both are only focused on designing and developing brands for innovative new technologies and products. 

Guided by a Brand Strategy we will develop the innovation’s brand identity, packaging and visual communications in 2D and 3D physical and digital formats, which includes web and app development, SEO, demonstration and promotional videos and exhibition design. We will build the brand credibility and authority and ensure these are communicated through the website and social media channels. We help clients to gain meaningful traffic to their website and ensure for interactions with potential customers as part of the process of enabling a sale and mamaging the relationship.

Our brand marketing solutions are highly targeted to get their innovative new technology or product to become quickly accepted and purchased by the mass target customer base. We help accelerate the adoption of innovation within existing markets and we also specialise in advising and supporting our clients to form completely new markets for disruptive innovations.

Brand Design & Brand Marketing Consulting
Brand Design & Brand Marketing Consulting

v-gel - Case Study

v-gel is a revolutionary veterinary anaesthesia airway device. It is a far safer and less traumatic device and method for anaesthetising pets. This device was innovated subsequent to extensive R&D and testing, and no such product and markets existed for it anywhere in the world.

Surinderjit Jassell, Managing Director of Design Tower, carried out all of the product development, brand strategy, go-to-market strategy, brand design and brand marketing of this product. The outcomes were as follows:

  • Fully validated safe disruptive innovative products for veterinary market.
  • Patented around the world.
  • Developed and established a new brand- and brand-new markets for innovation with 26 country distributors set up within 3 years after launch.
  • Established training in veterinary curriculums in over 60 veterinary universities around the world.
  • Set the agenda for brand extensions for other et species,

v-gel - Customer Testimonials

 "We purchased our Rabbit V-Gel device fairly recently. We found that placement was straight forward and a good seal was achieved over the pharyngeal airway. The Rabbits recovered well after treatment and commenced eating almost immediately. There was no evidence of discomfort or coughing during or after recovery. 

We are enjoying using our V-Gel devices with our rabbit anaesthesia protocols and will be purchasing more sizes in the future. "

Alex Wooley, DVN, Lincoln Village Vets, UK

  The cat v-gel insertion is very simple , safe and fast. My experience regarding use of v-gel is very positive. v-gel is a excellent alternative to endotracheal intubation in small animal

Nicola Iannelli DVM, PhD, Professor of Veterinary Surgery, University of Messini, Italy

  "We are very pleased with the cat v-gels® in our Radiation Therapy Department. We no longer have tracheitis in those patients receiving treatments on a daily basis. Our exotics department is using the rabbit vgels® and they too love them. It's so much better than intubating them. 

Thank you so much for your help!

Teresa Scott, University of Pennsylvania, USA   

v-gel for Dentistry

This video was produced to educate vets and nurses on how to use the cat v-gel airway device in feline dentistry. The video reduced customer risks whilst also promote the device to boost sales and brand reputation. 

Benefits of v-gel for Rabbits

Rabbits are the 3rd most popular kept pet in many countries. Rabbit anaesthesia had huge morbidity and mortality rates in anaesthesia. v-gel has made procedures super easy and safe. This promo video explains why and how this is so. 


v-gel for Rabbit Dentistry Training Video

 This video was produced to educate vets and nurses on how to use the rabbit v-gel airway device in dentistry. The video reduced customer risks whilst also promote the device to boost sales and brand reputation.  

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