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Our Brand Design service specialises in designing and developing brands for businesses that want to launch their large incremental or disruptive innovative new products or services to market. We specialise on building and assembling all the necessary relevant facets of creating the right brand identity, credibility and brand marketing communications to get an innovation rapidly accepted and purchased by the mass target customer base. We help accelerate the adoption of innovation within existing markets and we also specialise in advising and supporting our clients to form completely new markets for their innovation.

We have the capabilities to produce a vast array of physical and digital brand design and brand marketing outputs that will be perfectly aligned with both the overall business and brand strategy. Because we specialise in brand development for large innovation we take a rapid adaptive and learning approach to navigate the innovation across a complex and challenging terrain of highly risk concerned potential customers to get it to become a mainstream product or service. 

One of the major reasons why so many innovations fail in the marketplace is because of poor product launch, brand development and diffusion of innovation activities. Design Tower Ltd has an over 90% innovation commercial success rate spanning 30 years, therefore we know what it takes to correctly build a successful brand for an innovative product and service.


v-gel - Case Study

v-gel - a disruptive innovative veterinary product

v-gel is the safest patient airway device that is used in veterinary anaesthesia. Such devices are commonly used within the human medical field but did not exist within the veterinary field making anaesthesia far riskier in veterinary medicine. V-gel devices was created to overcomes the risks for pets.

v-gel is a disruptive innovative product that was created for a start-up venture part owned by our founder Surinderjit Jassell. Extensive clinical research and development was carried out to create the right anatomical shapes, structures and materials so it would easily insert and make a safe gas tight seal with very little training required. The R&D was a success and the product were developed to fit a range of pet rabbit and cat sizes. Surinderjit also carried out and led on the product design, manufacturing, intellectual property, strategy, brand development and product launch activities in markets around the work.

The brand design and brand marketing work included all product branding, marketing communications and user training. Brand building also included setting up and institutionalising training of this new technique for veterinary anaesthesia in over 60 veterinary universities around the world. The go to market strategy was developed and implemented to result in establishing over 24 primary sales distributors around the world and resulting in numerous positive reviews at veterinary conferences and reputable journals. V-gel for cats also won an award for its easy for use and safety in feline medicine. V-gel is a world wide patent product and devices for other species are in progress.

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v-gel - Customer Testimonials

 "We purchased our Rabbit V-Gel device fairly recently. We found that placement was straight forward and a good seal was achieved over the pharyngeal airway. The Rabbits recovered well after treatment and commenced eating almost immediately. There was no evidence of discomfort or coughing during or after recovery. 

We are enjoying using our V-Gel devices with our rabbit anaesthesia protocols and will be purchasing more sizes in the future. "

Alex Wooley, DVN, Lincoln Village Vets, UK

  The cat v-gel insertion is very simple , safe and fast. My experience regarding use of v-gel is very positive. v-gel is a excellent alternative to endotracheal intubation in small animal

Nicola Iannelli DVM, PhD, Professor of Veterinary Surgery, University of Messini, Italy

  "We are very pleased with the cat v-gels® in our Radiation Therapy Department. We no longer have tracheitis in those patients receiving treatments on a daily basis. Our exotics department is using the rabbit vgels® and they too love them. It's so much better than intubating them. 

Thank you so much for your help!

Teresa Scott, University of Pennsylvania, USA   

v-gel for Dentistry Training Video

This video was produced and directed by Surinderjit to train vets and nurses on how the cat v-gel airway device can be used in feline dentistry. The video reduced customer risks in how to use the innovative new product whilst also contributing to promoting the device to boost sales and brand status for a start-up company. Specialist animations were created and added to show clinical benefits. Watch the video to see how we can boost the brand value of your next new innovative product. 

Benefits of v-gel for Rabbits

Rabbits are the 3rd most popular kept pet in many countries. They are popular because they require relatively low levels of space and maintenance. The trouble is Rabbit anaesthesia has a huge morbidity and mortality rates because they extremely hard to get an airway tube inside them to give anaesthesia until v-gel came along and has now made it super easy and safe. This promo video was created to educate vets on the benefits of using v-gel for rabbits. Watch it to see what we can do for you..


v-gel Rabbit Dentistry Training Video

Because v-gel is a disruptive innovative new product in the veterinary industry where the world is full of veterinarians and technicians not trained on its use we created a on-line training video that could be easily accessed to learn how to use for rabbit dentistry procedures. This significantly reduced customer concerns and risks and helped encourage to accelerate the many customers to buy and use the v-gel for Rabbits in dentistry applications. Watch the video and notice how easy it is to use v-gel.

v-gel Cleaning training video

v-gel products are reusable products that have been designed for up to 40 sterilisations and reuses - a limitation of the material. The materials were selected and extensively tested for their ability to be steam sterilised to minimise the chances of cross infection. This educational video was created to show veterinary technicians on how best to wash, clean and sterile the v-gel products to avoid cross infection from patient to another. This video contributes customer trust and confidence.

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