The power to successfully create and sell fantastic products


To create wonderful products that people want.


Design Tower Ltd is a professional Product Design Consulting firm with the core capabilities to correctly create and market innovative new and improved technologies and products that customers want



We use a system locked onto attaining meaningful goals.

We correctly blend design engineering, industrial design, manufacturing, and innovation management skills and knowhow to enhance business life, people’s lives, and our world.

We only use top capabilities to make top outcomes. 

The three vital ingredients needed to achieve meaningful goals are top Intellectual Capital, Physical Capital, & Financial Capital. We provide the first and second of these and have the skills to get the later if our clients also want this.

Attain High Quality in all things.

We make attaining high quality in every step of the design process and outcomes our core goal. We will produce high quality information to make high quality decisions, and we carry out frequent design innovation reviews to assure quality outcomes in all things and give our clients strong control over their project.



We Invent

We can do advance R&D to create the inventive new engineering technology and product to meet real customer and commercial advantage needs.

We Design & Innovate 

We can do everything to properly transform an approved inventive idea into a fantastic commercial product reality that is correct, validated and ready for market.

We Give Specialist Knowhow to Build Product Brands.

It takes a very different skill to form a brand-new market or expand an existing one with a ground-breaking product. We can give you this skill to make sales and beat the odds.

We Help Meet Pressing Business Goals 

It takes a lot of time and money to build or expand an inhouse product design and development capability. By hiring us we can quickly soothe the pains from not having all the right competencies right now to meet your pressing goals.

We Give Professional Advice. 

We can give you an independent expert 2nd opinion to test, optimise and or overcome 'wicked' problems in the creation and marketing of your new product.



In over 30 years greater than 90% of our product R&D projects have gone onto become global commercial successes. In industry terms this performance is "outstanding".

Being members of Royal Charter professional bodies gives clients the assurance we have been independently authenticated as highly qualified and masters of our trade and who will work to high codes of ethics and standards. 

Our portfolio of work and testimonials clearly demonstrates our capabilities. They show both the breadth and depth of our expertise in successfully conceiving to creating to marketing innovative and desirable new and improved products.

We offer a low risk sample of our service for an initial free or reduced fee consulting period. Furthermore, we will break projects into small bites of success, so client risks are always managed.


We serve clients from want to be start-ups to large companies who need professional R&D, design, and innovation resources and capabilities to produce top-quality meaningful outcomes from a new or improved medical, consumer or industrial product.



Our charges are based on hourly rates. Package deals are available subject to conditions and terms.

Success Stories & Portfolio

Design Tower: Engineering Product Design and Development Success Stories

See our success stories with videos and further portfolio of work to learn more about why we are amongst the best in creating successful new and improved innovative technologies and products. 

Professional Bodies

Members of the Institute of Engineering Designers, Chartered Quality Institute and CIMA

We are members of the Institution of Engineering Designers, Chartered Quality Institute, &  The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. This gives you quality assurance and service protecion.


New Product Development Services: Testimonials

Read our testimonials to learn more about why Design Tower  Ltd is your ideal new and improved technology and product innovation partner.


R&D, Engineering Product Design and Development and Industrial Design Services

What we do is broken down into the following service modules: Engineering R&D, Product Design and Development, Software Development, Brand Development and Innovation Management.

Blog & Articles

Design Tower Ltd: Blog

Read our Blogs and Articles to gain and share ideas, insights and knowledge on innovation and strategy. We also publish information to help you make more informed decisions.


Design Tower Ltd: News

 Managing Director Surinderjit Jassell was a speaker on behalf of Institution of Engineering Designers at New Designers Exhibition in London on 5th July 2019. The aim was to help new designers carve out a great career in product development.  



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   Our charges are based on hourly rates plus materials and manufacturing. Fixed pricing arrangements are possible when certain conditions are met. 


Sample our service with an initial free or reduced fee consulting period. 

Privacy Policy

Design Tower Ltd does not share any private and confidential information gathered from our website with any 3rd parties. 

We adhere to strict professional 'confidentiality' codes of practice with all types of information and data gathered and produced to prepare for and carry out a project. We will sign acceptable 'non-disclosure agreements' to give enhanced protection for potential and existing clients. 

Our blog platform is to share ideas, opinions and knowledge in a respectful and challenging manner. We will use contact information strictly to improve our service and to give notifications about new  news and educational blogs, webinars, podcasts and vlogs -  opt outs will be granted. All UK and EU GDPR laws are adhered to by Design Tower Ltd.