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Welcome to Design Tower

We are a professional Product Design Company. With our over 30 years of experience and over 90% success rate our industrial design and engineering product design consultants can advise and support both local and internationally based inventors, start-ups, and established businesses to define, create and bring their new product to market. We also help clients to fix their product design and development problems

Below is an outline of our product design agency services.

Our Services

Design Tower: New Product Development Services

New Product Development Agency

  We [roviding a comprehensive range of product design and development services to move your product from an idea to product launch. 

Design Tower - inventGuru: Inventor Sell Idea Services

inventGuru: Selling Ideas

  We provide specialist design, marketing and business advisory and support services to inventors to prove and get their new product to market. These are:


Helping you to sell your idea to companies to get a licensing agreement that will bring you financial and prestige benefits. 

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Business Start-up

Supporting you to transform your new product idea into a commercial success through your own business start-up. 

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Financial Support

Advising and supporting you to fund your product development project or business start-up, and manage the finances. 

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Design Tower: Product Innovation Consulting

Product Innovation Consulting

  We give specialist strategy and innovation consulting services to correctly define and successfully brand and sell new products. These are:

Product Strategy

Helping you to define what new and better products you should develop, buy-in, and make obsolete to strengthen your business. 

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Brand Strategy

Advice and support in developing, improving, and growing your product’s brand value to boost sales in new and existing markets. 

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Go-To-Market Strategy

Providing expertise on how best to launch your new product and quickly get customers to buy and use it. 

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Our Credentials

Design Tower Professional Accreditations

Professional Accreditations

 Our multi-disciplinary product design and innovation expertise and experience has been independently tested and validated by UK chartered professional bodies. We also follow their code of ethics; therefore, your project is in safe hands with Design Tower. 

Design Tower Testimonials

Our Success Stories

 Client confidentiality limits how much of past projects we can show you, however by clicking on the button below you find some of our success stories to give you an idea what we are capable of and how we can help you.   

Completed Projects

Anaesthesia Medical Devices

Anti Bacteria & Virus Medical Filters

Ventilation Humidification Products

Medical Device Design

Easiest and safest for patient anaesthesia & resuscitation airway device without causing sore throat to patients.

Ventilation Humidification Products

Anti Bacteria & Virus Medical Filters

Ventilation Humidification Products

Engineering Product Design & Development

Efficient humidification products to keep patients' lungs functioning properly during ventilation and anesthesia.

Anti Bacteria & Virus Medical Filters

Anti Bacteria & Virus Medical Filters

Anti Bacteria & Virus Medical Filters

Design Tower - Medical Product Design and Development

Preventing bacteria and viruses cross-infecting pateints and healthcare workers. Devices include humidification. Project delivered with high volume automated assembly systems.


Design Tower thinks big and they knows exactly what it takes to move smoothly from a concept into a valuable worldwide product. No stone is left unturned to make sure the products are exciting, safe and profitable for a company, therefore I would not hesitate to recommend Design Tower to anyone.

Dr Ivan Crotaz

Veterinary Surgeon and Director of Bonovate Ltd

Your new product development project is safe with Design Tower. They combine an uncanny ability to drive for high creativity and technical robustness in product design and development. There is an impeccable eye for detail whilst keeping a solid focus on the big picture needs to make sure the new product outcomes have great mass appeal to customers whilst also deliver strong profits for the company.  

John Brenchley

Sales Manager, Scott Bader Co. Ltd. 

I am happy to recommend Design Tower to anyone who wants an elegant, innovative and profitable new product designed and developed. They are a true experts in this field which is clearly demonstrated by the long list of products they have designed an developed and have gone onto become huge global market successes.

Aiden Kennedy

Value Stream Manager, Ostomy, Ireland


My name is Peter Jassell and I am the  Head of Product Design and Development at Design Tower. I have over 30 years of experience in this profession which includes hands-on and executive leadership roles for a start-up to large multi-national companies.

My credentials are as follows:

  • Masters Diploma in Strategy & Innovation: The University of Oxford, Said Business School.
  • MBA, International Finance, & Manufacturing Technology & Management (Masters): The Open University (UK)
  • BA Hons Product & Furniture Design: Kingston University, London. 
  • Chartered Technological Product Designer (IED)
  • Chartered Quality Professional (CQI)
  • Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA - Fellow).
  • Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Practitioner.


Peter Jassell - Product Design Consultant

Our Blog

Design Tower: Blog

Our Blog helps our business and helps to educate you on all aspects of new product development so you could get some ideas that you could use to make a direct and indirect positive impact on people’s lives by creating the right product and reaching commercial success with it. Our blogs will also help you and your business on how to become better product inventors and innovators. 

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Privacy Policy

Design Tower Ltd does not share any private and confidential information with any thrid party  unless demanded to do so by law.  Also, we maintain a strict policy of keeping's client information in confidence.